Monday, March 10, 2008


I have been wanting an old bike for the longest time! Curently, I have a 60's Schwinn 10 speed that I plan on rebuilding and make it a fixed gear,Frankenstein bike. When I was living in Montana in the 90's I passed up an vintage bike do to moving and storage. Yeah, stupid stupid!I made a lot of stupid choices in the big sky state! I had the chance to buy a 64 ford galaxy, in great condition. Instead my lame ass bought a rusted, hardly running, milk crate for seats, 64 Impala super sport* for a few $ 500 dollars more. The reason I didn't buy the Galaxy " I didn't like the rear lights!" .....What was I thinking!!!!

*As of today the Impala is not yet running and haven't had the upholstery put in it yet!!!

I have the chance to redem my self over the summer, my wife and I are taken a trip to Nebraska this summer and hope to find one of these beauties down below in any condition rust and all!


Skeme Richards said...

Didnt like the lights so I bought a piece of crap instead??? Sake, what were you thinking? Hope you find the bike during your travels.


Saratoga Sake said...

no luck! i went record crazy!