Saturday, March 29, 2008

Grand Royal

Here are a few flicks from the event.

My piece. I was VERY pleased with the out come!
(will post better pictures)

Hard rock mug.

Pose 2 

Kuya's Robot


Dj Ritchus

Dj Kid Dragon and Abel

The main room M.C. battles

Brisk and Grizzly Adams 

Miles taken Biz's song to heart.

Miles getting down with Mama.

Take that Legs!

Ooooooh....  Frosty's dead man freeze.

KRS ONe getting up.


stormko said...

The "Miles getting down with Mama" picture is pretty cute.

Adyor said...

dayum Sake that piece is sooooooo sick, good work as allways

Saratoga Sake said...

thanks adyor.