Friday, January 30, 2009


 I believe Bob is on a Torker signature series "Haro" frame, which makes sense, if this photo was taken in 1981. Some how I got this print signed in 1982 I don't remember where or how.

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This exhibition or shale I say.... exa/bitch'n. Ha... I just remembered that was a term we use back then "Bitchen!" That's, bithch'n... duuuuude! Does anyone use that anymore?

Well, this show was at the Bonita Bike Shop in Bonita, Ca which is close to Spring Valley. B.B.S was a bitch'n bike shop, that's were I got my Torker bike in 80. Me and my buddy Rich (kaze) rode that thing to death. I realy wish I took care of my stuff back then and took more pictures. I have a few a plan on posting them up along with some drawings.  After I scanned this photo in I was able to Scan thae audience and was able to find me and my Mum near a tree., I instantly reconize my bitch'n feathered hair.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Digging through my boxes trying to find old photos, outlines, drawings and ran across this picture that my Aunt took of Andy Warhol while he was in Saratoga Springs for a visit. 

More from my Aunt....Mary Ann Lynch

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shock...Horror.....More shock..Uh embarrassed!?!

I'm the first kid breaking that they show I'm wearing a baby blue Adidas suit.

WOW!!!! The ghost from Christmas pass caught up with me today.  I forgot about this news story, I can't believe we actually made it on the news for doing a little performance for some handicap kids. I remember a few of the Down Syndrome girls had a crush on Rich. They kept on trying to touch him and was saying he is cute. They were flirting with him the whole time.
hahah, he turned them down. No pun intended.
Rich "The heart breaker" Real
"Gravity Ground Crew"...Uh...Yeah, this had to be in 1983. 
I was wearing a freaking bandanna around my left ankle!!! And oh God!... my footwork was awful and my back spins were sloooow!!! And I was popping and breaking at the same time hahahah. holy crap! Lots of kick worms were being executed that day, that was the big power move then along with the hand spin. This was pre-windmill (continuous back spin) I was still in Junior high at the time and this was probably before we got to see "Wild Style" at the Ken theater. which blew are minds and I probably crapped my drawers at least a dozen times that night and that set me off in the right path,....Thank you MR. Charlie Ahearn!


I painted these two manga girls at the 30/60 yard in 1987. At the time I was inspired by and what we called "Japanese cartoons." The inspiration to paint this style of character instead of a "Bboy" style character or a "Bode" came by the way of me being addicted to Robotech.
"Blue and Green" by Phantasm (sake) at the 30/60 Spring Valley, CA 1987
Nightshot photo by Vapor. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My mom was born on this date in 1937, F.D.R  was sworn in on that very day. A lot has changed since then... some good, some bad. Today, Miles was fortunate to experience an inauguration that will be prevalent for the rest of his life.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

This weeks Super B-Beat Show....Tune in Now!

Super B-Beat Show!


This is the 30/60 wall, located near Jamacha and Grand Ave in Spring Valley, CA. Originaly it was called the "Grand Ave wall." Until one day, Quasar was curious how tall and wide the building was. We didn't have any measuring tape. "Q" counted the bricks which is 30 bricks high and 60 bricks long. It had a good run from 1987-1989. This was around the time they built another business next door and was laying down the parking lot, which evantualy killed the yard months later.

"Raw" by Sake, "Sone" by Zero, "Sake" by Sake,  "Quasar" by Quasar, "Sniper" by Quasar. 1988 

The 30/60 wall today.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hell Paso

A little write up in the El Paso Herald Post back in 96. I can't seem to find the first part.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

GAU and SOTA 86

This vimeo clip that I recently found on Persue's Blog, shows an 18 year old San Diegan graffiti writer, "System" (Robert Smith style hair do)  and a 19 year old Quasar (geri curl) . Who are both members of Graffiti Artist Unlimited and Phyz (flat top fade w/bright ass yellow socks) Painting at the Euclid trolley station. All three were working on a project that M.T.D.B. was putting together for a mural campaign that would have graffiti artist paint the walls that run near or next to the new expansion of the trolley line here in San Diego. My crew at the time U.G.A was apart of this project but failed in the professional side of things due to our age (I just turned 15) and lack of inexperience with business and Ideas outside of your typical "name and character based graffiti" we were not giving a wall.
*** around this tim Jim prigoff also took photos of this project for a book called "Spraycan Art" but for some reason, San Diego was left out of the book.

Quasar, System and Phyz (sota) from Mr Goose on Vimeo.

***Short side story..with the money that Quasar made from the project. He bought himself a brand new Mazda 626 4 door. While taken the turn on the 8 east, Texas st exit. He flip the car and totaled it along with a trunk full of spray paint. The spooky thing was Crayone was supposed to been in the back seat and the section he was going to be sitting in was crushed.

A random clipping I had from the San Diego Tribune / March 1986.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years 1984

Tazz and Kaze at the 2 yard. Spring Valley,CA. 1984/1985

We painted this on New Years night in 1984 and finished it after midnight in 1985. I was 14 at the time and I wonder what excuse I gave my mom??? It was really dark and erie. We had to duck down and hide every time a car drove by us. It had to been at least a dozen times and every time this happened my heart would stop, because I thought it was the sheriffs putting the spots on us. We dedicated the piece to our Moms. We used growco paint and the nozzles that came with the paint... stock tips. We purchased or racked the paint from the Spring Valley Swap Meet, which is a stones throw away from the 2 yard. 

Over all it's sorta "toy" but its not to bad for the times, especially from a couple of non subway writers. The "T" is terrible! I still dig the "Beetle Baily" and the "cloud" is cool. Believe it or not this piece made us famous, this is all due because of the location of the piece it was facing the only road into the Swap Meet which would get over 10,000 visitors in a weekend. This gave a lot of people its first glimpse of NYC style graffiti and inspired other kids to start writing.  This picture was probably taken by me with a 110. I really like the art deco house next to it. 

the original outline form 84 one of my oldest surviving outlines.

The 2 yard today.