Thursday, July 31, 2008


This is Probably my smallest painting to date. I have a building in the back ground to add and about 5 pass overs until complete.

In line

Here is another batch I have been working on over the comic con weekend. I have been getting the paint beaten out of me! I have been lagging and trying to catch up. I have another 8 after this! 


Another one for my up comming solo show in Seattle. This one is called "Mr. Attack."

Closer look.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The New Testament

This book is a breath of fresh paint fumes in the number #1 tunnel. 
A definite MUST HAVE!!!

     I would have to say this is one of those brilliant ideas that should of been done years ago. Possibly in the 80's or early 90's. Especially With the state of graffiti now a days with ineligible lettering, bad lettering form, accompanied with wack fill-ins and the death of apprenticeship's and outlines being passed down through the generations. This book will help you and your buddies get back online again with style.

This book is filled with top notch outlines!  Here are a few examples of freshness from some of my favorite writers that are featured in this book.

Doc Tc5

"Naco" By Dondi Cia

Skeme Tnt

 Man, this is realy making me want to drop the brush and practice some lettering....I'm going to have to hit some yards soon!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This is a teaser for The piece entitled "Gotham 1939" 

I look dorky!

The kind people of Juxtapoz recently posted an article about my recent show called "Vamperina" on their web site . Here is the link to see the full interview.


Here is a piece that I'm currently working on for an up coming fundraiser at Distinction


While working on the Vamperina show, I happened to find these mysterious blood drops out side of the house near the studio. Starting at the south side of the porch and heading north and then wrapping around the north side heading eats and trailing through the west side of the back porch, heading south and up the back steps and heading east up the hill.

 I couldn't figure out where in the hell these drops came from. I wondered if it was human or animal? Could it be a chupacabra? Or an escaped lunatic, like the Joker? Or a victim of a Vampire attack? Or could it be the latest casualty of Dondi's rampage, against villainous varmints ???

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Cards.

So I made new biz cards for the "Vamperina" show but they showed up on my door step a week late due to "Overnight prints" they are located in Santa Ana, Ca which is 1hr away! It turns out they out source the printing to make even more money. So the cards were shipped from back east and took a week to deliver and was late for the show. 
over night....... my ass!

I made the blood drips look like a tutu and turned the foot into the "dot".

I'm Back Baby! - George Costanza

Well, I have been very busy and had zero time for blogging. I will catch you all up to date over the next few weeks.
I have more shows coming up this weekend and will post the flyer's up along with sneek peeks and other goodies.

I also have Solo show up in Seattle a few weeks.... which I'm feverishly working on at this moment... So in the mean time I will be be back in the Routine of posting daily as much stuff as I can possibly can with out taking away my painting time.

In the mean time check out this interview I had with "Under the sun" Magazine They did a typo in the interview...with "two years ago" which really was "two decades ago" Other than that the magazine put together a great spread in the actual printed magazine. which I will post up asap.