Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I painted a lot of unfinished pieces over the years. It too a few night to get it this far. After a few close calls and other snafus I lost interest and was anxious to get to the next burner.

Black book blues.

      Every writer I know still has their first "black book" Except for me! well, I do have outlines from my first book which was not really a black book it was a sketch pad that was brown. does that count? My 1st traditional "Black Books" where either..... boosted our on loan to a fellow writer, who never gave them back or being stupid and giving them to an ex-girlfriend! grrrrrr...stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!! I probably had at least 5 "Black Books" meet their fate these ways and I'm pissed!!!! They were completely full that's like 80 something pages fully colored pages per Black Book. I remember one summer all I did was draw in my black book 3 months of staying in except for the occasional run to the corner store for candy or to play some Donkey kong or what ever the new game was at 7/11 and on the weekends you would find me at the swap meet trying to rack some cans for the nights mission.


I was really excited to go paint, especially after all those subway blogs. So I marched down to the Blok with some silver,black and pink. I got to the yard and Zone and Daze was working on a Chargers themed production. They wanted me to join in and they will supply the paint.

Glory days.

In the 80's we used to hit high schools around the county from San Ysidro to Oceanside.This was one of them. I teamed up with my Izzy who is now part owner of Wild Style Technicians. Not long after we painted the piece at Valhalla High, the school went into a frenzy, copy cats and fans emerged. (we had celebrity status which was our demise) The coach of the baseball team who happens to be a Sheriff launched a full blown investigation. Almost a year later Izzy and I was pulled out of class and was arrested for painting the dug out. During the investigation, I was followed and they documented dozens of spots I painted, luckily the pieces were painted over or the property owners didn't want to press charges. Our punishment was fairly simple but embarrassing especially when your 16 and your trying to score some chicks. You really don't look to cool walking around in you shell toes and carrying a broom around your high school.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Ya' Don't Stop!

This was a photo taken of me breaking at a KRS 1 Concert. I was the DJ for the show along with Justin from Mint shoes. ((((Brag alert))) From what the owner told me, During my set KRS and the owner were sitting down at the restaurant next door and KRS 1 was wondering who the DJ is ? After the concert The owner told me that KRS said " I was fresh and was playing some really good music." On my own accord I also supplied a projector for the show and was showing "Style Wars" While KRS was performing and he stop the concert a few times to talk about how great "Style Wars" is.

Up chuck

I don't know who's black book this is.


This piece was painted from an outline from the early 90's. At the time I did like it but since I opt for the "red pill,"  I really hate this piece now! ...Why am I showing it? ....Why did I even paint it? 
Although, I got a lot of props for this one and it was up for a long time. This just proves to me that the standards for graffiti in this decade has plumeted to a all time low and has been on the decline since the dawn of the 90's. I can't wait to see what is considered good after this decade is over with. What this proves to me ( and this is my opinion) is that hip hop culture is complete garbage, now. The music suck, the gear is wack, the graff is terrible, the breaking is puke. Altough there is occurance of great stuff being put out... but that is startring to get rare.
Hell, hip hop is just not fun any more.

After this fiasco I quit all the bullshit and started re-focusing on the basics and the graffiti lettering that attracted me to graffiti in the first place good ol'  70's and 80's New York subway writing. With the guidance and encouragement of Joey Gold, Storm and Starberry Sweet they help me get back on track again...well one can hope. i might be on track but the train hasn't left the station yet.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Give it to me!

Storm was chatting about "burns" which is a bboy term for diss'n your apponent He was filming a bunch of bboy for a comercial he is making and it got me thinking about "burners" and it reminded me of how I long for this book and can't have it yet because it was only sold in Europe geez Henry give us American writers a break!

.......I really want this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reeeeeeeaaaaaaleeeee BAD!!!!!

After « Art is not a crime » in 2004, Henry Chalfant is back in Paris for “Burners”, his new exhibition at the Willem Speerstra gallery. Is it necessary to introduce the artist ? Co-author of Subway Art [Henry Chalfant & Martha Cooper, Subway Art, Thames & Hudson, 1984] and Spray Can Art [Henry Chalfant & James Prigoff, Spray Can Art, Thames & Hudson, 1987], co-producer of the movie Style Wars [Tony Silver, Style Wars, 1983, published on DVD by Plexifilm], he is the man who has revealed New York Graffiti to the world. “Burners” are forty photographs of window down burners [pieces painted under the windows] taken by the photographer in the beginning of the Eighties in New York and selected from the hundreds that form his collection. Some of them were never exhibited before.
Henry Chalfant has asked Skeme to present what a burner is. The writer gave this explanation: “a burner is a piece that makes you stop whatever you’re doing and take a long look; a burner is so named because its image is burned on your brain until the next time you see it runnin’, or the flick you took of it is developed; a real burner will make you run down the station and follow a train til’ it gets small; a burner has the following elements; it is almost always identical to the outline you did the night before, it’s partly illegible, has bold flamboyant colors and color scheme, at least two backgrounds…clouds, toxic spill, checka’ board…, and nothing is neglected, there’s detail even in the 3-D; it may be framed by a character or two, but can stand alone without one…a real burner will make you compliment even your greatest enemy on the line, even if it is secretly; a real burner is talked about for weeks, if its super hot, for months, and if it was legendary…it’s still makes for good conversation in 2006. But, the very best burners have a good racking or raid story to go with em, cuz after all, graff ain’t just illegal, it’s an adventure!”.Apart from Skeme, Burners puts together among others pieces from Sonic, Ink, Duro, Kel, Crash, Zephyr, Revolt, Jonone, Mare [in action on one of the « Art is not a crime » exhibition photographies, reproduced on this page], Dealt, Spade, 2 Much, Scan, Word, Tech, Base, Tkid, Min [also in action in « Art is not a crime », see this page], Colt, Reck, Pose, Dust, Seen, Mean 3, Elkay, Doc, Pore, Dust 1, Kist, Pre (Dondi), Rac, Cem 2, Sword, Tech, Notch, Scop… Henry Chalfant wanted to present a few writers to date less published than some of the famous names that we find on the photographies and also to exhibit pieces taken in Brooklyn and not in Manhattan or in the Bronx. His selection is simply astonishing. Every style is represented, in an explosion of flow and colours adorned with tags, commentaries and dedications to discover on the cars. The master’s photographs, which give a fantastic reproduction of the subways’ patinas and, on some of them, let see the rhythm of the environment, are magnificent. Thanks to Henry Chalfant, once again, it is a considerable part of the Graffiti adventure that is given to us to see and admire. A rare moment, not to be missed.

Text by Emmanuel Moyne, august 2006.


Joey Gold painted this beauty for my Son, Miles on his 1st birthday, thanks man!

Oh Martha!

Martha Cooper visited San Diego during 2004. She was here to take photos of an event that my wife and I produce called "Lovers Rock" for her up coming book called "we b girlz."She is best know for her classic book "Subway Art" and "Hip hop Files" 

I painted this for her and Martha mentioned that I was the first writer to painter her name as a piece. 

I want my record back!!!

Although I don't care about the music on this album now. The song that stood out the most and I did like breaking to was "The Mexican" back in 84. In the 90's I was pleased to learn that the original was from a group called Babe Ruth.

In the 94 the cops raided my house and this is one of the prize possessions they took from me. i used to stare at this record cover for hours and hours! I still look for it when I'm out digging for records.

This really makes me want to paint!!!! I'm out of here and heading to Writerz Blok.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Jayne Mansfiled 1955


Brass Sockey

heh, could of been better! Sake at Writerz Blok/2007

On the left Draw working on a ninja turtle!

Mane and optic was also present at the blok.
Sneke and Rude /2007

My Old MySpace Avatar

Eat Fresh!

I have been in a "Subway" mode lately looking at old photos and such. I 'm also trying to figure out what I'm gona do with the piece down below. I have put it on the back burner but hope to Finnish it within the year. 1st phase of subway painting I'm working on.

A cool article from 1972 and the arrow on the right is a nice touch to the layout!Nice "Hulk" and "Hex" Tag on the front of the car.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Billions and Billions Served

Monkey Love Yard

Sake 2005 at H.M.L yard

Straight out of sidro!

We often did positive message with our murals. Although, I don't think anyone cares and I especially don't think a mural will keep any one from doing dope! I had people come up to me and say "oh, I saw that piece you did that made me want to do graff" but I never had any come up to me and say "Yeah, that anti drug mural you did made me quit shooting up.

Vapor, Quasar and Sake (early 90's)
Painted in San Ysidro ,CA

Peng One

A piece I painted for a writer named "Peng" who went by the name of Disco Rick. He was the one that started the T.D.K wall.I only have night shots of this piece and at a angle. If any one has a better photo of this please email me...thanks!"Rick" by Sake @ Writerz Blok

Japans Peach Story


Sugar Dale

Some designs from the talented sugar Dale @ the Music and Technology fashion show. My hot wife Chyna along with those sexy hips of hers was one of the models along with Sugar and Gubba.


More from Sugar Dale!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What the hell is it?

I have been trying to answer this for years....Yeah, its no Dead Sea Scroll.... but shit!!! It makes me wonder especially when I'm on the I-10 head'n to good ole Texas and I see that ominous creepy yellow sign!

Duck Rock

I painted this "Howard the duck" knock off at the T.D.K yard which was at the end of lovelock st. across the train tracks. I think I painted it in 1991 or could be 92..... hmmm I have to look into that! I still have the sketch for it somewhere (majority of my pics and drawings were confiscated by the fuzz ...I'll save that story for another time) I will post the sketch up later once I find it and possibly more from this yard.