Monday, January 21, 2008

Ya' Don't Stop!

This was a photo taken of me breaking at a KRS 1 Concert. I was the DJ for the show along with Justin from Mint shoes. ((((Brag alert))) From what the owner told me, During my set KRS and the owner were sitting down at the restaurant next door and KRS 1 was wondering who the DJ is ? After the concert The owner told me that KRS said " I was fresh and was playing some really good music." On my own accord I also supplied a projector for the show and was showing "Style Wars" While KRS was performing and he stop the concert a few times to talk about how great "Style Wars" is.


stormko said...

Who's that hot chick behind you with the wife beater?

We should see if we can get some naked pictures of her.

djmaneone said...

like the mentor episode from seinfeld

SAKE was my mentor for the longest time!

thanks brother

Saratoga Sake said...

thanks mane!
no strom!