Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Glory days.

In the 80's we used to hit high schools around the county from San Ysidro to Oceanside.This was one of them. I teamed up with my Izzy who is now part owner of Wild Style Technicians. Not long after we painted the piece at Valhalla High, the school went into a frenzy, copy cats and fans emerged. (we had celebrity status which was our demise) The coach of the baseball team who happens to be a Sheriff launched a full blown investigation. Almost a year later Izzy and I was pulled out of class and was arrested for painting the dug out. During the investigation, I was followed and they documented dozens of spots I painted, luckily the pieces were painted over or the property owners didn't want to press charges. Our punishment was fairly simple but embarrassing especially when your 16 and your trying to score some chicks. You really don't look to cool walking around in you shell toes and carrying a broom around your high school.

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scott Seubert said...

I TOOK THE BLAME FOR THAT:Never ratted you out.The funny thing is they knew i couldn't do anything like that it was to damn fresH!!