Monday, January 21, 2008


This piece was painted from an outline from the early 90's. At the time I did like it but since I opt for the "red pill,"  I really hate this piece now! ...Why am I showing it? ....Why did I even paint it? 
Although, I got a lot of props for this one and it was up for a long time. This just proves to me that the standards for graffiti in this decade has plumeted to a all time low and has been on the decline since the dawn of the 90's. I can't wait to see what is considered good after this decade is over with. What this proves to me ( and this is my opinion) is that hip hop culture is complete garbage, now. The music suck, the gear is wack, the graff is terrible, the breaking is puke. Altough there is occurance of great stuff being put out... but that is startring to get rare.
Hell, hip hop is just not fun any more.

After this fiasco I quit all the bullshit and started re-focusing on the basics and the graffiti lettering that attracted me to graffiti in the first place good ol'  70's and 80's New York subway writing. With the guidance and encouragement of Joey Gold, Storm and Starberry Sweet they help me get back on track again...well one can hope. i might be on track but the train hasn't left the station yet.

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