Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Kick'n It Live In 85!

A few pieces from back in 1985.
       Times were innocent, you could take your time and work on a piece for hours. On some nights...why not order a pizza and bring a handheld radio. You can have a party while the Fuzz drives by on their beat and won't even suspect anything. Dam'n it!!!!  I really miss those days!

   The "Taze" piece below was painted next to Highway 94 in Casa De Oro. Back in the 80's this wall an open field next to it. More or less we were sitting ducks, but got away with it. The wall was visible from highway 94. I remember driving in on the East bound side of 94 and my Mum saying "Oh, look at that I wonder who did that ! " Nowadays, this wall has a hotel next to it with a bushy tree that is covering the spot were we painted. 

"Roc'n Art" by Kaze  "Taze" By Taze (Sake) and Kaze UGA 1985
*Daze also might of been present*

C.D.O wall now.

This "Tase" piece was never finished due to the cold weather and cheap paint. I would on occasion spell my name "Tase" because I liked the shape of the letter "S" painted. This piece was painted in the "5 yard" which was located on the north east corner of Jamacha and Grand Ave in beautiful Spring Valley CA.

Unfinished "Tase" piece by Taze (sake) in the 5 yard 1985/ Spring Valley, CA

      A "Hanz" Piece that was also painted in the 5 yard. I painted this for my friend named "Frizz" who also went by "Hanz" He was really good on paper and he had a great style sorta reminds me of Rob Goblin from Tempe Bronk Crew. He never painted , I was hoping this piece would inspire him to at least try. I hope to seek out some old out lines from "Frizz" and post them up some day.
"Hanz" By Taze (Sake) at the 5 yard 1985/ Spring Valley, CA

5 yard now.

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