Saturday, July 18, 2009


For some reason the new (90's on up) BMX bikes have always left a bad taste in my mouth. I never really like the look of the actual bicycle compared to a 80's or older bike. For the past few years or so I have been peeking interest on riding again, not to go balls out crazy like I used to do or race but just to cruise around on and maybe loose some extra pounds. Besides, Miles will be riding a bike soon and I cant bare riding a mountain bike, unless I FINALLY get my other bike project finished.

The second reason because The Haro freestyler has been my favorite "freestyle/bmx" bike ever and as I mentioned in an early blogging, I let mine go... like an idiot.... and have been trying to recover the loss ever since.

So trying to get another Haro Freestyler on Ebay.... with no luck for some time has been frustrating. I got wind of a new Haro Freestyler being made in 2008. I got all excited and was going to purchase one right away. I googled it and was like WHOOOA.... COOL ....ALRIGHT!!!!....uh? Wait a minute... somethings not right!!! My first thought was to ditch the seat and tires. Then the excitement started to fade really fast after studying it for a few seconds. I thought...Well, maybe I can strip it of all it's parts.... and replace them with originals. But still the frame looked off........ So I did a side by side comparison and this is what I discovered . The angles and height were all off, they built it like a new freestyle bike with the crappy lowered seats and low frame configuration. YUCK!

Wait a minute!!!! I started noticing all sort of flaws in the design and equipment. That's not the Haro Freestyler that I had and loved! Especially, the way the sticker looks on the side of the frame. The look and angle of the Kashimax Seat vs The 08 seat, that is padded and lowered, Christ sakes !!! That sucks. The finish of the new Haro mag wheels, look like a faded pair of black jeans. Not like how Skyway Tuff Wheel 2 were, with a deep black. And on them were not the same type of tire. Not like the Front tire a Cycle Pro Snakebelly or on the Rear Tire a Raleigh blackwall street... Just some all black tires...with no style!!! And whats up with the grips and the brakes cord on top instead of underneath, No Dia Compe brakes? No Grab on MX-3 grips ? Those short handle bars don't have the same shear AWESOMENESS of Vector bars sporting a Haro Series One number plate coming at ya full blast. And what about ose new cranks, geeez, no Redline flight cranks accompanied with shimano dx pedals.

Bob had his set up perfectly and should be honored in the right way, not like this new version.