Friday, May 30, 2008

Chyna loves birds.

I was going through some photos and started noticing a trend. So I compiled a few shots of my lovely wife doing what she does best.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Riviera Mag


These are some of the frames I will be utilizing for the Vamperina show.


While I was in Hillcrest today at my favorite magazine stand, I found out that the tornado we watched grow outside our hotel room, leveled a small town in Iowa. What started out as some wind and clouds developed into a slow moving swirling mass above the hotel. We could see clouds form; from bus size strands of puff grow in to the size of Yankee stadium in seconds. It was amazing to watch and other clouds started latching on.  I wanted to take photos but was awestruck and realised the camera was full. In the mean time, Chyna was on the phone with our good friend Lindsy, she told us to haul ass over to her place because she has a basement and we can seek shelter there. At that time we knew it was serious. 

more about the ef5 tornado here.

By the time we made it down to the lobby the rain was already pouring and the wind made the rain go sideways. Everyone was glued to the tv in the restaurant/bar at the Magnolia. My wife in the meantime was trying to wrap Lindsy's and Toms present at the front desk. While I was looking at Armageddon unfold outside, I freaked out and yelled* We don't have time for this lets gooooo! Once she got outside she sorta freaked out too. We ran for the car and got in and made our way towards west Omaha. It was raining really hard with a little hail a few cats and some dogs of the larger variety. We made it to L&T's house unscathed. About 10 minutes later it was gone and a rainbow appeared from across the street.

*she told me later it was very dramatic and unmanly. hahaha

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Well, I'm back from Omaha, Nebraska! And it was one hell of a trip! here's a quick rundown, Found some great thrift stores and antique malls, saw the beginning's of EF5 tornado, found a record store with the most records I have ever seen in one place, ran 2 red lights, seen a shirtless mullet beast, had the best ice cream ever, ran from the law, saved a woman's life from her husband, climbed on the biggest steam engine train ever built, went to a gallery to get a show, check out a killer art deco train station and happened to be on time for a wedding!
To be continued

Found these for a buck a piece, I believe they are form the 50's. In the box with the mask was a photo of three girls wearing the same exact masks, minus the cat mask I'm barely wearing. I should of purchased the photo too but was on a budget and wasn't to sure if it was for sale. No luck on paper mache pumpkins or any other vintage Halloween gadgets.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I was sitting down watering the lawn one day and notice on the ground an odd looking rock.  Out of instinct, I picked it up since I do collect rocks* (a habit I learned from my wonderfull mother in law) and with closer observation  I notice it looked like bark from a tree but was heavy. I turned it around and instantly notice it was a petrified piece of bark. I have no idea where it came from? Maybe it had been on the property ever since... oh, a million years ago. The lot was purchased in 1920's, so who knows? I will probably search around for more up on the hill. 

As I was staring at it, I was thinking about how fucking old this thing is! I mean this shit its old!.... really old... old school old, older than moses old!  My mind was racing and trying to figure out how in the hell it got here?  How did it get knocked off of a tree and Wound up here, right in front of me? Maybe some huge beast knocked it off , while going after some brontosaurus for lunch? Or could it be from the tusk of a wooly mammoth knocking it off a branch. I like that word mammoth!

* yeah, I'm Nerd!

Death Valley

Friday, May 23, 2008

"Kill the wabbit! Kill the wabbit!"

What is a guy to do? I keep getting interrupted while I'm painting! Between Miles vandalising my piece (show pics later) and my wife freaking out, because what appeared to be a soft fury toy That Sky dog was playing with and she was about to pick up and toss.....turned out to be a mauled rabbit.

Oh the carnage!

Dondi really out did him self this time!

The culprit Mr.Barry Sanders , everybody!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More from the studio.

here are a few studio shots that I took awhile back while getting ready for the show.

Sign outside of studio.

A fresh coat of fixative to gessoed panels.

More panels.

and even more!

A few photos my wife Chyna found in Oakland.

A 1902 Sewing machine.