Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Well, I'm back from Omaha, Nebraska! And it was one hell of a trip! here's a quick rundown, Found some great thrift stores and antique malls, saw the beginning's of EF5 tornado, found a record store with the most records I have ever seen in one place, ran 2 red lights, seen a shirtless mullet beast, had the best ice cream ever, ran from the law, saved a woman's life from her husband, climbed on the biggest steam engine train ever built, went to a gallery to get a show, check out a killer art deco train station and happened to be on time for a wedding!
To be continued

Found these for a buck a piece, I believe they are form the 50's. In the box with the mask was a photo of three girls wearing the same exact masks, minus the cat mask I'm barely wearing. I should of purchased the photo too but was on a budget and wasn't to sure if it was for sale. No luck on paper mache pumpkins or any other vintage Halloween gadgets.

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