Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well I'm getting ready for a trip to Omaha, Nebraska, I cant freak'n wait to get out of dodge!!! I have been busier than a whore on a navy payday and could use the break! While we are out in the big "O" I hope to see some cool looking clouds like the ones below. I love clouds and San Diego is boring in those ways, always sunny and blue ...bleh! I have never been to Omaha but my wife has and she said the Thrift & Antique shopping Is really good. I especially need to find 3 more creepy looking frames for my solo show in July. I'm also hoping we can find some old bikes for us.

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Lindsy said...

I must comment because you're talkin' bout my town. I hope you guys enjoyed the wedding, storm, shopping... etc. We love you guys and are so happy you made it out here. As I told Mrs. Sake, Omaha already misses you. Much love.
Mrs. Tom a.k.a. 'lil L