Saturday, May 24, 2008


I was sitting down watering the lawn one day and notice on the ground an odd looking rock.  Out of instinct, I picked it up since I do collect rocks* (a habit I learned from my wonderfull mother in law) and with closer observation  I notice it looked like bark from a tree but was heavy. I turned it around and instantly notice it was a petrified piece of bark. I have no idea where it came from? Maybe it had been on the property ever since... oh, a million years ago. The lot was purchased in 1920's, so who knows? I will probably search around for more up on the hill. 

As I was staring at it, I was thinking about how fucking old this thing is! I mean this shit its old!.... really old... old school old, older than moses old!  My mind was racing and trying to figure out how in the hell it got here?  How did it get knocked off of a tree and Wound up here, right in front of me? Maybe some huge beast knocked it off , while going after some brontosaurus for lunch? Or could it be from the tusk of a wooly mammoth knocking it off a branch. I like that word mammoth!

* yeah, I'm Nerd!

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