Monday, May 12, 2008


I have been documenting my palette lately. I like the layers and the look of the different color combos and the textures it produces over a period of time for example Monet's pallet. It just makes it harder for me to see what I'm doing, so I choose the less "mad artist" way.

Doc'n your palette is also an excellent way for figuring out the forgoten color combos.In the past I would leave the old dry paint on the palette with out cleaning it. I started to notice it was harder for me to mix and make new colors with out struggle. So now I clean it after every session with a palette knife and some turp. After all the cleaning has been finished. I put a coat of gesso over the palette and then after the gesso dry's I add some Stand Linseed Oil to the top of the palette. This slows down the bottom half of my pigment.

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