Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This was aired on FOX5 today, I got a call the day before from Crol, he was kind enough to ask me to be apart of a segment spotlighting the H&nds project. Being the media whore I' am I said yes! He told me the specifics about it and he wasn't to clear about the wall or what we are painting on. He told me I can paint what ever I wanted. So being unprepared because of short notice I grabbed my black book and my paintbox and threw it in the car.

The next day I arrived around 5:15 am , but was at the wrong location I ended up at the old location which is now the WB Channel 5. I didn't realize the changed locations since the last time I did anything for FOX was around 1998. So I finally arrived to the scene around 530. Crol and crew followed suit. We set up and got to work around 6am.

I busted out my outline sorta free styled it, which I hate doing so half way Through... I was approached by a big titted woman who asked me if I could go over what I painted with a city scape. luckily for me I had someone to step in and basically told her to fuck off in a nice way and I was able to continue . I wish I was able to paint a better piece. I was under allot of pressure finishing by 9am with borrowed paint and a some what Frankenstein outline. oh well remember kids always be prepared.....not to mention I didn't expect to be interviewed so I was really nervous and I don't really like surprise questions from the media.

Now I wondering how long my piece will stay up!....i will do a day by day to see how long it will last.

man! I'm over weight hahaha, I need to loose a few pounds like 50 of them...going to ride a bike now!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big things again

For quite some time (since I was a kid) I have been fascinated with zeppelins.
So....on our way to Santa Monica I got to see the Good Year blimp. It is stationed near Carson,Ca east of the 405. Luckily that day the Good Year blimp was flying over the 405 and heading to its base. I couldn't help think that the tail fin of the Hindenburg was about the size of the good year blimp and out of my excitement I told My wife and she was amazed at that fact...that I have all this useless knowledge and was impressed at the shear size of the Hindenberg. Its almost unbelievable to think how LARGE the Hindenburg was and what a feat it took to build it.

A few weeks back The largest Zeppelin in the world was making an historic flight to San Diego and was landing at Brown field. I was bummed out that I didn't get to witness it flying in person...only on the news. The news cast mentioned the Farmers zeppelin is about 15 feet longer than a 747. So I was curious to see how big the Hindenburg was compared to today's largest Zeppelin.

After browsing the web I got frustrated and decided to make my own scale version.