Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This was aired on FOX5 today, I got a call the day before from Crol, he was kind enough to ask me to be apart of a segment spotlighting the H&nds project. Being the media whore I' am I said yes! He told me the specifics about it and he wasn't to clear about the wall or what we are painting on. He told me I can paint what ever I wanted. So being unprepared because of short notice I grabbed my black book and my paintbox and threw it in the car.

The next day I arrived around 5:15 am , but was at the wrong location I ended up at the old location which is now the WB Channel 5. I didn't realize the changed locations since the last time I did anything for FOX was around 1998. So I finally arrived to the scene around 530. Crol and crew followed suit. We set up and got to work around 6am.

I busted out my outline sorta free styled it, which I hate doing so half way Through... I was approached by a big titted woman who asked me if I could go over what I painted with a city scape. luckily for me I had someone to step in and basically told her to fuck off in a nice way and I was able to continue . I wish I was able to paint a better piece. I was under allot of pressure finishing by 9am with borrowed paint and a some what Frankenstein outline. oh well remember kids always be prepared.....not to mention I didn't expect to be interviewed so I was really nervous and I don't really like surprise questions from the media.

Now I wondering how long my piece will stay up!....i will do a day by day to see how long it will last.

man! I'm over weight hahaha, I need to loose a few pounds like 50 of them...going to ride a bike now!!!

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dope homeboy!!! supah dupah FRESH!