Friday, February 27, 2009

22 years ago plus 1 day....

In 1987, San Diego county got it's first LOCAL graffiti art show* and quit possibly the very first in California....this could be up to debate.

*Seen (UA) did have a solo show in La jolla in 1985.

Zard and Quasar of Graffiti Artist Unlimited (GAU) Were tha main draw of the show.
They were kind enough to invite other graffiti artist to be apart of this show. I will do a digging around to see who the other artist are that was in the show. I will post up the list of names when I find this info out. Unfortunatly I have no photos of the night.

Today the old Standard brands is a Goodwill.

This is one of the piece's I put in the show. You can also see part of another canvass that I did for the show to the far right. It looks like a profile of a B-Boy type character. I have no idea what happened to the piece I put in the show except for one I think E-Swift (Rock So Fresh) still has one of them.

Part of another canvass I had for the show. It was a Manga girl holding a can.
That was a good friend of mine named Charles and I hanging out at my pad.

OS tokyo

My buddy Storm found add this while roaming around in Tokyo.
Thanks pal!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cold Busted!


I was trying to get out of serving time by saying I painted the "Cap Color Train" two years ago. But in fact during the interview with the news paper: I said "Over a Year ago" the media has a habit of always screwing up your story somehow. So a "year" turned into "two years." The reason why I was saying this*: Since I already admitted to the crime during questioning. I swore they had everything that I owned and they did! It took them three vehicle's including a van to get ALL my graffiti paraphernalia out of the house. But for some reason I forgot that I had still in my possession the "Cap Color" outline along with a few 80's graffiti photos and drawings stashed in a box in the rafters.

* I was trying to get out of it by admitting I did indeed paint the train but it was more than a year ago on the day of my arrest. At the time if you committed a certain crime and you avoided arrest for a year the charges were dropped. I was short by a month or two.

This was my 7th graffiti related arrest and my last.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Construction, Terror and Mayhem.

Ye Ole Toole Shede


 Originally I was supposed to have this part of the art studio finished last year...Uh yeah, right.
I was going to do all the work myself which......Uh.... yeah... right!   The old tool room would probably still look like the photo above. Luckily for me, this "Book Project" that I have been involved with had me reaching out to old writing mates form the 80's. I recently got back in contact with my ole buddy Rich (kaze uga) who actually does construction. I told him what I wanted to do. He bid the job.... I agreed and he started getting on it. With exception of us yakking fo hours about BMX, breaking , graffiti and ole times. He managed to get a lot of work done......This is the first week of work.

As of last year I gutted it out and tore the floor up that was decayed.

That's Jay bird and old neighborhood buddy. He was the Spring Valley wheelie king. He was also the one of the first to have  THESE skyway mag wheels in SV.  

Rich working hard while being a lackey!

Floor leveled 

The new floor.

Ye Ode Arte Roome

Pile of shit!

More to come!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

15 years ago today.

Basically I got involved with this sting operation. To make a long story short....well that can't be done it's a long story regardless.  I will post up more articles about this event in the following weeks. I highlighted the article in pink were I'm personally involved.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Sake 2003

Today, I don't care about this piece at all.... at the time I was heading in a direction less traditional and more, uh.... for a lack of a better word... "Next level" After finishing this piece I felt like a dirty whore and went with a more traditional style. I blogged about this in an early post including photos....right HERE.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nazi beats.

In 1993 during my lunch break I went to a local thrift store in Casa De Oro to look for some B-Beats and Found this set of ephemera inside a box set of 78 records from the 1930's. As a rule, I usually look inside the covers of older records because you can find some interesting stuff in them photos, drawings etc.  

My last encounter with Nazi material was recently at a "mom and pop" type of thrift store that is located in Chula Vista, CA. I was going through a stack of old post cards and photos and came across a cool photo and turned it over and right on the back was a swastika, stamp and some other German words and markings, obviously it was from WW2. Like a dummy, I told the lady hey, check this out!!!  She took at it and held om to it. I should of paid my 75.cents and went out the door.