Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cold Busted!


I was trying to get out of serving time by saying I painted the "Cap Color Train" two years ago. But in fact during the interview with the news paper: I said "Over a Year ago" the media has a habit of always screwing up your story somehow. So a "year" turned into "two years." The reason why I was saying this*: Since I already admitted to the crime during questioning. I swore they had everything that I owned and they did! It took them three vehicle's including a van to get ALL my graffiti paraphernalia out of the house. But for some reason I forgot that I had still in my possession the "Cap Color" outline along with a few 80's graffiti photos and drawings stashed in a box in the rafters.

* I was trying to get out of it by admitting I did indeed paint the train but it was more than a year ago on the day of my arrest. At the time if you committed a certain crime and you avoided arrest for a year the charges were dropped. I was short by a month or two.

This was my 7th graffiti related arrest and my last.

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sonoio said...

supongo que fuiste preso por tus grafitties;
difĂ­cil vivir en U.S.A.