Friday, February 27, 2009

22 years ago plus 1 day....

In 1987, San Diego county got it's first LOCAL graffiti art show* and quit possibly the very first in California....this could be up to debate.

*Seen (UA) did have a solo show in La jolla in 1985.

Zard and Quasar of Graffiti Artist Unlimited (GAU) Were tha main draw of the show.
They were kind enough to invite other graffiti artist to be apart of this show. I will do a digging around to see who the other artist are that was in the show. I will post up the list of names when I find this info out. Unfortunatly I have no photos of the night.

Today the old Standard brands is a Goodwill.

This is one of the piece's I put in the show. You can also see part of another canvass that I did for the show to the far right. It looks like a profile of a B-Boy type character. I have no idea what happened to the piece I put in the show except for one I think E-Swift (Rock So Fresh) still has one of them.

Part of another canvass I had for the show. It was a Manga girl holding a can.
That was a good friend of mine named Charles and I hanging out at my pad.

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