Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Construction, Terror and Mayhem.

Ye Ole Toole Shede


 Originally I was supposed to have this part of the art studio finished last year...Uh yeah, right.
I was going to do all the work myself which......Uh.... yeah... right!   The old tool room would probably still look like the photo above. Luckily for me, this "Book Project" that I have been involved with had me reaching out to old writing mates form the 80's. I recently got back in contact with my ole buddy Rich (kaze uga) who actually does construction. I told him what I wanted to do. He bid the job.... I agreed and he started getting on it. With exception of us yakking fo hours about BMX, breaking , graffiti and ole times. He managed to get a lot of work done......This is the first week of work.

As of last year I gutted it out and tore the floor up that was decayed.

That's Jay bird and old neighborhood buddy. He was the Spring Valley wheelie king. He was also the one of the first to have  THESE skyway mag wheels in SV.  

Rich working hard while being a lackey!

Floor leveled 

The new floor.

Ye Ode Arte Roome

Pile of shit!

More to come!!!!

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