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The Zero Hour

Iva Toguri was an American stranded in Japan at the outbreak of World War II. She was forced to broadcast propaganda to the Allied troops for Japan. In these radio programs, she taunted the troops and played music from home. She took the name Orphan Ann on the program, Zero Hour.

"Tokyo Rose" is a myth: Iva Toguri, like other women who also broadcast Japanese propaganda to Allied troops, was never referred to as Rose or Tokyo Rose. It was a name given by the Allies to the various female Japanese broadcasters. But it has been used since the war primarily to refer to Iva Toguri D'Aquino.

After the war, Iva Toguri was convicted of treason and imprisoned, released early for good behavior. She maintained her innocence, asserting that she had not said the words used to convict her, and that she had remained a loyal American. Though forced to broadcast to the troops, she claimed that she, with the help of American POWs assigned to the radio broadcasts, made herself and her words purposefully ridiculous. She had refused to give up her American citizenship, despite pressure and even punishment from the Japanese who forced her into the broadcasting role.

In the 1970s a public campaign brought to light the testimony of the POWs who worked with her and supported her story. The testimony of the witnesses against her was questioned, and some admitted lying. Eventually (1977) she was pardoned by President Gerald Ford, and early in 2006, the same year she died, she was given the Edward J. Herlihy Citizenship Award by the World War II Veterans

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Friday, October 17, 2008


I finally have a few hours a week were I'm able to work on getting this bike running. This will be a project that Miles and I will work on together including searching out the parts. I hope to have the bike up and running by next month.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Miles has been drawing ever since he could hold a pencil... more or less its usually chicken scratch. But a month ago his drawings started to take shape and he was also telling stories about the picture and what the subject is.

His typical chicken scratch drawing.

 Last month he drew his first face/s. Miles said, its papa and mama and mama has two faces. The squiggly lines is hair.

Miles said,this one has a colorful neck 

a skeleton papa! I'm definitely influencing him.

This might be the first on with the cornea and he threw on some ears.

a hand with finger nails.

this ones cool! 
This is a drawing of one of our local Humming bird, Miles so cleverly named "Lemonade." Lemonade comes up to our porch often and sneaks drinks from the bird feeder. Note the legs, This is the first animal miles have drawn. Note the wings and long beak. this one freaked us out. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1st day

This past Tuesday was Miles 1st day of pre-school. He was very excited to go to school, for weeks all thats all he talked about!  He did really good.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy bday blog

been blogging for one year today and in honer of my first crappy post. I'm uploading the flicks from the book "We b girlz" that my wife (chyna) and I are in. Make sure you pick up Martha Coopers latest book called "Tag Town."


Chyna, Me and Durock

Chyna....again!  Sheez!

Chyna "Qween B" buckle.

Me and my old lady.

 Chyna and I 

Saturday, October 11, 2008


They said on the news it was only in the 90's in Spring Valley. .....Yeah right! It is soooooo freakin hot! It supposed to be Autumn! give me rain and clouds!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gratias multas!

I have been getting some good exposure over the past few weeks some of it local and some even as far away as Sweden. This is because of the recent group shows that I have been apart of.  I would like to Thank the galleries and the fellow artist, that I have been showing with during these shows!!!

I have been very happy with these latest paintings, that's because of a more favorable technique that I have been utilizing.  This process best suits my style and grants my work far more depth than before and adds an even more creepier feel to it. I changed my old ways of painting while I working on the "Vamperina show."  It is a slower way of painting but the results are far better and I actually enjoy painting even more. So far the response has been encouraging.  I can't wait to start on the new series of work for my next solo show in April at Black Maria Gallery.  But first I need to take care of some of my older pieces and commissions, that have been on the back burner for over a year and get them ready for up coming group shows and clients.