Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gratias multas!

I have been getting some good exposure over the past few weeks some of it local and some even as far away as Sweden. This is because of the recent group shows that I have been apart of.  I would like to Thank the galleries and the fellow artist, that I have been showing with during these shows!!!

I have been very happy with these latest paintings, that's because of a more favorable technique that I have been utilizing.  This process best suits my style and grants my work far more depth than before and adds an even more creepier feel to it. I changed my old ways of painting while I working on the "Vamperina show."  It is a slower way of painting but the results are far better and I actually enjoy painting even more. So far the response has been encouraging.  I can't wait to start on the new series of work for my next solo show in April at Black Maria Gallery.  But first I need to take care of some of my older pieces and commissions, that have been on the back burner for over a year and get them ready for up coming group shows and clients.

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