Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Black book blues.

      Every writer I know still has their first "black book" Except for me! well, I do have outlines from my first book which was not really a black book it was a sketch pad that was brown. does that count? My 1st traditional "Black Books" where either..... boosted our on loan to a fellow writer, who never gave them back or being stupid and giving them to an ex-girlfriend! grrrrrr...stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!! I probably had at least 5 "Black Books" meet their fate these ways and I'm pissed!!!! They were completely full that's like 80 something pages fully colored pages per Black Book. I remember one summer all I did was draw in my black book 3 months of staying in except for the occasional run to the corner store for candy or to play some Donkey kong or what ever the new game was at 7/11 and on the weekends you would find me at the swap meet trying to rack some cans for the nights mission.

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