Friday, January 30, 2009


 I believe Bob is on a Torker signature series "Haro" frame, which makes sense, if this photo was taken in 1981. Some how I got this print signed in 1982 I don't remember where or how.

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This exhibition or shale I say.... exa/bitch'n. Ha... I just remembered that was a term we use back then "Bitchen!" That's, bithch'n... duuuuude! Does anyone use that anymore?

Well, this show was at the Bonita Bike Shop in Bonita, Ca which is close to Spring Valley. B.B.S was a bitch'n bike shop, that's were I got my Torker bike in 80. Me and my buddy Rich (kaze) rode that thing to death. I realy wish I took care of my stuff back then and took more pictures. I have a few a plan on posting them up along with some drawings.  After I scanned this photo in I was able to Scan thae audience and was able to find me and my Mum near a tree., I instantly reconize my bitch'n feathered hair.


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Scott said...

Sweet! I had that same bike around that time.