Wednesday, January 7, 2009

GAU and SOTA 86

This vimeo clip that I recently found on Persue's Blog, shows an 18 year old San Diegan graffiti writer, "System" (Robert Smith style hair do)  and a 19 year old Quasar (geri curl) . Who are both members of Graffiti Artist Unlimited and Phyz (flat top fade w/bright ass yellow socks) Painting at the Euclid trolley station. All three were working on a project that M.T.D.B. was putting together for a mural campaign that would have graffiti artist paint the walls that run near or next to the new expansion of the trolley line here in San Diego. My crew at the time U.G.A was apart of this project but failed in the professional side of things due to our age (I just turned 15) and lack of inexperience with business and Ideas outside of your typical "name and character based graffiti" we were not giving a wall.
*** around this tim Jim prigoff also took photos of this project for a book called "Spraycan Art" but for some reason, San Diego was left out of the book.

Quasar, System and Phyz (sota) from Mr Goose on Vimeo.

***Short side story..with the money that Quasar made from the project. He bought himself a brand new Mazda 626 4 door. While taken the turn on the 8 east, Texas st exit. He flip the car and totaled it along with a trunk full of spray paint. The spooky thing was Crayone was supposed to been in the back seat and the section he was going to be sitting in was crushed.

A random clipping I had from the San Diego Tribune / March 1986.


sonoio said...

siempre es un placer pasar por aquí, lord sake

Saratoga Sake said...

Muchas Gracias!

MING said...

when i went back in 1986 to visit my hometown I took tons of pictures in the logan heights pits, (AND STILL HAVE ALL THEM GEMS UNDER PLASTIC PAGES IN FLAWLESS PHOTO-ALBUMS)thought the "look" "No -eats" "observe" that Dragon and "tracks are for trolleys not kids" was illegal? i different now. also got the Quasar/Zard-"Artist"/Crayone-"Cray" pictures as well!!!cray wrote above his purple "cray" -"Buster looked out"
Lots of peices from the pit as well, and this "Transit System" production in a nearby Culdesac with the red trolley and big THOR Charachter.
Not to be outdone by the pit Production with Thor throwing His hammer at Donald Ducks head.



**sake, we painted Portland at Taz's legal wall
a while back(You did the sake with 2 bode characters at either end, Bore (R.I.P. was to the left of you, then me.)

Peace big dog.

Saratoga Sake said...

hey ming please email me at its urgent!

MING said...

E-Mail sent