Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shock...Horror.....More shock..Uh embarrassed!?!

I'm the first kid breaking that they show I'm wearing a baby blue Adidas suit.

WOW!!!! The ghost from Christmas pass caught up with me today.  I forgot about this news story, I can't believe we actually made it on the news for doing a little performance for some handicap kids. I remember a few of the Down Syndrome girls had a crush on Rich. They kept on trying to touch him and was saying he is cute. They were flirting with him the whole time.
hahah, he turned them down. No pun intended.
Rich "The heart breaker" Real
"Gravity Ground Crew"...Uh...Yeah, this had to be in 1983. 
I was wearing a freaking bandanna around my left ankle!!! And oh God!... my footwork was awful and my back spins were sloooow!!! And I was popping and breaking at the same time hahahah. holy crap! Lots of kick worms were being executed that day, that was the big power move then along with the hand spin. This was pre-windmill (continuous back spin) I was still in Junior high at the time and this was probably before we got to see "Wild Style" at the Ken theater. which blew are minds and I probably crapped my drawers at least a dozen times that night and that set me off in the right path,....Thank you MR. Charlie Ahearn!

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You Already Know said...

yes that was scary....any early e swift footage?