Sunday, January 18, 2009


This is the 30/60 wall, located near Jamacha and Grand Ave in Spring Valley, CA. Originaly it was called the "Grand Ave wall." Until one day, Quasar was curious how tall and wide the building was. We didn't have any measuring tape. "Q" counted the bricks which is 30 bricks high and 60 bricks long. It had a good run from 1987-1989. This was around the time they built another business next door and was laying down the parking lot, which evantualy killed the yard months later.

"Raw" by Sake, "Sone" by Zero, "Sake" by Sake,  "Quasar" by Quasar, "Sniper" by Quasar. 1988 

The 30/60 wall today.

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sonoio said...

compañero sake, te recomiendo un blogg La Zebre Blue, una artista canadiense luego te paso más datos, un abrazo