Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years 1984

Tazz and Kaze at the 2 yard. Spring Valley,CA. 1984/1985

We painted this on New Years night in 1984 and finished it after midnight in 1985. I was 14 at the time and I wonder what excuse I gave my mom??? It was really dark and erie. We had to duck down and hide every time a car drove by us. It had to been at least a dozen times and every time this happened my heart would stop, because I thought it was the sheriffs putting the spots on us. We dedicated the piece to our Moms. We used growco paint and the nozzles that came with the paint... stock tips. We purchased or racked the paint from the Spring Valley Swap Meet, which is a stones throw away from the 2 yard. 

Over all it's sorta "toy" but its not to bad for the times, especially from a couple of non subway writers. The "T" is terrible! I still dig the "Beetle Baily" and the "cloud" is cool. Believe it or not this piece made us famous, this is all due because of the location of the piece it was facing the only road into the Swap Meet which would get over 10,000 visitors in a weekend. This gave a lot of people its first glimpse of NYC style graffiti and inspired other kids to start writing.  This picture was probably taken by me with a 110. I really like the art deco house next to it. 

the original outline form 84 one of my oldest surviving outlines.

The 2 yard today.

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