Monday, March 17, 2008

Studio Part 2

Not the greatest  collection....Chrome Yellow, Pastel Aqua, Chippewa (Paper Label) , Pastel Yellow, Spanish Brown, Burnt Orange, Avacado, Baby Blue..Etc This is what I have left from my bust in 94.

Dont see alot of these anymore. Same with Growco paint.

Large Oils

Small Oils

References and Art books.

Old lock from The 18th century and my late Aunts dentures.

A few victorian era umbrellas minus the short one.

This ones my favorite because of the print. I think its from the 50's - 60's.

Some skull I found on the grounds of the ranch. Could be a cat or some miniature mythical beast.

Eh...I wished I had my original S.W. action figures from 77. I blew them up in 78 with fire crackers. The books are the only survivors.

My folks wedding cake topper from the 50's.

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