Saturday, March 22, 2008

Off to paint.

Today, I'm taking a break today and going to go work on some graffiti for an up coming event called "Grand Royal." I will report back tonight  with the progress...if I EVER GET THERE!

I had to buy a mask since I will be painting in doors.

I really can't stand these European tips! They clog, they don't work with other brands, they all seem to spray the shit, I don't know what is what! Yeah they are comfortable.... but WHO CARES (unless your a pansy new jack!) 
Why can't they just make them universal and spray like the the ones below.

This is all I you need!!!!  Soft balls for fill-ins and Phantoms for out-lines and detail.


Skeme Richards said...

Looking forward to seeing some new work from you. Post soon.


Saratoga Sake said...

i will. thanks!