Sunday, March 9, 2008


I was hired by red bull a while back to paint at a military type of function. I wanted to paint something related to the event. I decided to use Chesty Puller as my subject. unbeknownst to Red Bull, and my self, one of his descendant was at the event and was giving the art work. It now hangs at one of the head quarters for the U.S.M.C in Virginia.

The set up.

I was rusty at the time using spray paint for portrait's. I did have it at a really nice spot were it could of been finished and the proportions was head on. But, I ran out of brand of spray paint and was forced to use a darker shade of color from another brand of paint. The two didn't react well and didn't match up in tone. The darker color add fatness to the existing part of the face and messed up the proportions and I couldn't fix it.

You can see the difference It was heading in the right direction before I had to re do it with the other brand down below.

The finished Product.