Saturday, March 15, 2008

2nd hand

Man, I love a good thrift store, antique mall and a flea market! You can usually find me in one, especially, When I have an upcoming art show. I'm always on the hunt for frames, vintage children's books, dolls, ephemera, photos and other reference materials that catch my eye and might spark some creative response. I have been researching for my up coming show and have been buying frames for it for almost a year. I still need about 5 frames left for the show. So I'm in the field 4 days out of the week, searching and looking for that perfect frame. Once in awhile I will come across some great items like an old Halloween lantern from the 40's.  I got lucky the other day when I came across this 1959 "The visible man" for only $10 what a deal!!! They usually go for around $60 .... its not like its rare or the holy grail.... I just always wanted one I think they are freaking cool! I'm also on the hunt for The visible woman, Horse,dog and skull.

Now I just have to put it together.

Box and all, Miles not included.

Has all the parts! Only major issue was the broken foot 
 Epoxy did the trick and it just like new!

It had a few dirt marks and glue on the body... goof off cleaned it up nicely!

It had some tape on the bones, but that was easy to clean.


Karima said...

That looks like fun! Love your kind of thrifting...

Skeme Richards said...

They just dont make cool things anymore.

Saratoga Sake said...

nope the don't !
thanks guys!