Sunday, March 16, 2008

Studio Part 1

Here is a closer look at my studio and some of my collectables.  I have more stuff to show you fine folks and hope to do so later down the road. To do this; first I need to expand the studio, I'm getting cramped in it and need more space for working on multiple piece at the same time. Im really trying to figure out how I'm going to expand the studio into the tool room. I did  some work removing the floor. But now I need to demolish the walls soon and start building . I hope to be finished by the end of Spring and I will post my progression.

A 8mm cartoon short.

Paint brushes, the blue ones are the ones I use the most.

Dolls and ceramic figurines.

This tool is great for getting all the oil paint out of that
 tube and not wasting any... a money saver!

A few bugs I found around the ranch.

Cool, flyer from the early 1900's. Can be used as a 
distinguished gentleman's Mustache. 

When gay... ment happy.

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