Sunday, March 30, 2008


We took our cat to the vet a few weeks ago. Dondels (nick name) had a huge tumor type thing on his side and we were worried, especially after the sore exploded and left a gaping hole the size of a half dollar. The vet said that Cat Dondi will be okay and just needs to be stitched up. While he was staying the night, might as well get his man hood taken away. We were thinking Mr Dondi will be a little pink... if ya know what I mean.... you know a  wuss!  We have varmints that need to be killed drabnabit! He had a four kills so far, which is not a whole lot. But man, after he healed up, Dondi is now a regular, Anton Chigurh... with whiskers.

Our vision of Cat Dondi after the operation.

First kill after the castration  and now an official Ace!

Poor vermin!

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