Thursday, March 6, 2008


Is it me or do these people look like corpses!
What the hell is wrong with these screwballs!

I always wanted to see what I looked like If I had the perfect nose! Since I have been teased my whole life for my shnozz, I figured what better way is to get it fixed, and might as well fix all my faults; Like my lazy chin, and my funky ear lobes.



After looking at the possible end results, I really don't mind me.

Here is a look at Other notable noses.

W.C. Fields

Big Al Delvecchio

Bob Hope

Ex graffiti writer, Adrien Brody

Detective Lt. Mike Stone on the left (Karl Malden)

Jimmy "SCHNOZZOLA" Durante 
(Friend of my wife's grandmother)


stormko said...

This might be the most interesting post you've written yet.

Saratoga Sake said...