Friday, December 4, 2009

Catching up

About 4 months back...maybe longer....whew!!! This year flew by!!!.... I FINALLY started moving into the new art studio that was rebuilt by my good friend and my 1st writing partner, Richie... aka Kaze. This was happening right before the new edition to the family, our daughter Matisse. At the time I did have a few opportunities... not much, but just enough to at least get the moving rolling. I was also working on a dozen of drawings and paintings for a few art shows that was quickly rearing its head. ( I will post flicks later)

During my move and going through all my stuff and organising. I would draw at the kitchen table and paint on the porch, which I don't mind. Not to mention the expansion of our family's restaurant was finally completely finished and up and running for a few months before hand. We also did a name change from "Megans" to The Trails Eatery . I was in charge of decorating the new restaurant...which is not quite finished yet....Due to finding frames that fit the art work/vintage photos/collectibles and finding the time hunting pieces down at antique shops and from regulars and family members, personal archives of ole stuff that won't work in the art studio/tat station/home decor. We also had few construction jobs inside our house to get it ready for Mati. And....Around the same time I started working at my good friends tattoo shop (propaganda) After 2 years of not tacking I started missing it and gave it a try....more on this later!!!! So after all that.... Slowly but surely I had some time to move in to the studio, decorate it a little... I still have tons more stuff to put up. and finally was able to start working on some older unfinished paintings and start the new larger paintings with a new direction and technique..... Here is a few shot I took the other night.

Found the rack behind our restaurant.. ironically it was
planning on building one that day..but found this instead.

This is were I keep all of my frames that waiting for the art work to be finished.
Rosy the manikin is keeping an eye on them.

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