Saturday, December 19, 2009


This is a Great Great book! Doze has the biggest spread in the book! I'm not surprised.... He is the king of Mugsy/B-boy type characters! That alone is worth the 35 dollar price tag of the book!

For me it was like looking through a time capsule. especially the Doze section. I had forgotten about his black book drawings. It has been 20* years since I last thumbed threw he's black books, random photos and drawings. out of site out of mind ,right? For me it was like opening up a time capsule. I did have some copies of the actual photos in my pre 1994 arrest collection along with some original photo copies of Brims characters and other tat crew gems that I had since 86.... This has brought back a lot of memories and it reminded me why I love subway graffiti.

*I intended to post this 2 years ago when I got the book*

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Skeme Richards said...

Definite coffee table material and needed in your collection!