Friday, December 18, 2009


I'm ashamed to say, but this is probably my first complete drawing in my own black book since ....the 80's

Around the first part of 1990, I started decorating my black books with stickers, clipping, photos, etc. Because of these shenanigan's, I became paranoid to draw in them. I didn't want to make any mistakes and would be forced to rip out the pages or glue a clean sheet over it. What also added to my fear was Back in the 1980's I had at least a half dozen completely filled full color black books most were stolen, lost or I gave away.

So I just started working on outlines on loose paper. From the beginning of the 90's up until this week...Dec 13 2009. I mostly did my layout with a Bic pen or a pencil sketch's on some loose piece of paper. I would just freestyle my fill In's when I would paint the piece.

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