Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Min one!

Good to see Min painting again.
It is also a relief to see that he stuck to he's guns and kept to his traditional "MIN" style versus the new styles that kids "be doing" now a days, you know the non foundational letters with sharp points, bars, loops and other non-sense flying of the letters looking like a greek salad on a wall.

I do like how the Duel complements the Min piece. Nowadays this is a practice that is hardly done, were writers would actually get together and work on a "window down" sized wall and than figure out what the lead writers style is and than mimic it. This is how it was done back in the subway days and this is what I did growing up painting with my crew. It's sad to me that this part of NYC subway graffiti tradition is dead.

What I don't like about this photo is all the writing around it... it's too cluttered and takes away the pieces.

Man!!! When it comes to the graffiti greats....This Cat is waaaaay underrated in my book. ...speaking of books I would LOVE to see him put one out!

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