Saturday, January 9, 2010


Man, I have been on a graff spree lately, looking at old flicks , Style Wars, Subway art, etc etc.
I had to get this year started... I have been craving to paint my first piece this year. I have been drawing in my black book daily which helps keep the edge off, just a little, but it's nothing compared to actually going to a yard and paint and that doesn't even compare how it used to feel back when I used to paint illegally. But I'm 40 now 9 arrest a wife 2 kids and a family business. NOT WORTH IT!!! But I can't help to think of those moments out alone in the yards or on the side of the freeway painting my name. Ahhhhhhh.

Besides the graff....I'm still working on my other art in the mean time. This eats most of my free time. So It's nice to have another medium to work with that is different and doesn't take a lot of time to execute. The piece below only took me round 1 hr and 50 minutes to complete. Why am I so focused on how long it takes me to paint a piece? Well, two reasons. One I used to take for ever with my graff/aerosol pieces. It was not enjoyable anymore, especially when I would do technical stuff. (which I love doing) Some of my older piece's would take me weeks to do. I got to the point were I hated to paint commission murals etc because of the time it took and when I would show up to paint I only would work for an hour at a time.

The 2nd reason is this is how the actual act of graffiti writing was operated. You didn't have all night to paint maybe 8 hrs max, the faster the better with the eception of being clean, no drips runs or eras. So now I make a point to myself and blogging that I need to be quicker and more efficient with my pieces, the less time and paint usage the better for me. okay I'm done rambling!

Mane and I in the yards again. Not really.... Writerz Blok

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