Saturday, August 1, 2009

K street

I finally had the opportunity to at the K.St yard in the East Village this past June. I was offered to judge a breaking battle for an event, so I asked if I could paint as well. They agreed. But when I was driving down to the event I got a call form my Mum and had to be home 6pm to watch Miles, my Mother had to leave earlier then expected.

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After showing up late, I was expecting to get shafted and was preparing to paint on a little side wall, since the other artist were supposed to show up by 1pm. I showed up around 3pm and had the place to myself. So I took advantage of the situation and snagged the big wall in the court yard of the MMA gym.

I got the wall buffed and while the buff paint was drying I went across the street to grab some goodies and found they carried my favorite pop. A Saratoga Springs classic Stewart's! Now if I can only find the spring water out here.

Brisk finally showed up a half an hour later. He was gripping in a friendly manner, because I took the wall he wanted... hahaha early bird gets the worm even if you are late. He also mention he was grumpy and had jet lag from being in hoo!

I love this 94 paint! I highly recommend it. The nozzle system is set up in a way that you can make a line thick or thin by simply applying pressure on the nozzle. For example, To get a thin line less pressure for a thicker line apply more pressure.

The paint is very opaque it has a smooth and steady flow to the paint no mater how fast you are going, you will hit a line that is consistant with your stroke. I also like how it is a matte finish thats great for pictures you wont get any glare. The only down fall is the all European paints. But with this piece I only used 4 cans of 94 and one MTN.



Anonymous said...

dude u used to b soooo picky back in the day w your laces...COMON!

Saratoga Sake said...

yeah my laces looked kinda beat up.