Monday, August 3, 2009


St Paco, found this on the Complex web site. It is about ol rapp mags that have died over the years. Since, I was a rapp fan from 79-91ish, I decided to investigate browsed around a few and instantly laid eyes on the cover of 4080. I have forgotten about 4080, since my graffiti paraphernalia from 1994 and below was collected by Americas finest. I instantly remembered this cover, since I was present that day in San Fransisco, and the iconic photo of the Police car that was vandalised and was plastered in all sort of magazines. That was the nail in the coffin for "Market street yard." After a few glances of random covers and I went back to the 4080 section and then I had an "Oh shit moment" and realised my car was in the back ground with a 594 sticker on the front wind screen! I think the person standing next to my car on the driver side is me. Tonight I will go through my archives and post What I have from that day.


bookum said...

was the market street yard the one also refered to as "psycho city"?

Saratoga Sake said...

Why, Yes!