Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Miles got some new shoes the other day....not bad, considering they are not PRO-Keds or Chuck Taylors. (Im talking CHEAP shoes here!) Kids shoes really suck nowadays not alot of choices and I get frustrated trying to find my kid some shoes,  Miles doesn't really care he's happy regardless but I want him looking sharp! When I was a strapping young lad my folks would load us in the station wagon and head over to kinney shoes, stride rite or some other spot and I usually would get some Hush Puppies or some sort of sportie looking shoe like "Whiz Kids." or Zips. Now a days it's usually krocks or some kind of  godawful shoe with really bright colors and bad design.  I wonder what the designer of these shoes are thinking do they have kids them selves? What type of shoes do they wear? It's definitely some one who has no style or taste......hmmmm its definitely not a "Cordwainer." 


stormko said...

There are dope ass Chucks in Japan. Only thing is that I can't find any in my size.

Only found one place in Tokyo that sells Pro-Keds, though. And they didn't have sizes that any of us wear.

Saratoga Sake said...

go figure...small ass people! luckly pro-keds is under differtn ownership now.

miss you storm!