Saturday, November 22, 2008

Getting Up

"Getting Up" was the first book about NYC graffiti that I got my hands on, This is not my original copy. I had a hard back version of "GU" If my memory serves me correctly, it was an all black cover with a photo of a train on the front. I actually racked it from my Junior High school library when I was in the eight grade...and a bad ass!  I'm not to sure what ever happen to that hard back copy, Im sure karma caught up with me.  My 2nd copy which wasn't as cool, but was still a "first edition" was confiscated from the cops in 1994 when I got caught up with a sting operation. The one im holding in the photo is a copy I found online.

One of my favorite page in the book.


Scott Seubert said...

I remember you in those bad ass days........ I was with you on some of those bad ass days.... what up bro .. I got some things u might be interested in!!

Belinda said...

I love graffitti. I saw some drawing of a hand , and a ball on a box car a little while ago . It was so cool. I love Art so much. It's my 4th most favorite subject.
Art, and lots of it.
I like your blog.

Saratoga Sake said...

alright scott il hook up with you soon.
thanks again belinda.