Saturday, December 8, 2007

What's the deal with Stolen Art!

In the graffiti world it is expected for your piece to get gone over, crossed out, slashed, dissed, hot 110, capped,peed on etc,. I had 100's off piece end up this way even worse just finished and gone over the next day with some wack style and booty turd fill in and no flick of it. In the so called "fine art world" granted these piece weren't in a fine art establishment. You still hope people would have the same respect! street art is street art but once it goes inside rules do apply. When your trying to go forward in your art career you figure people will leave you alone.

not really.... this is the 3rd time I had a piece stolen from me at an art show. Yeah I guess I can take it as a complement,but still it is frustrating especially to the curator.

maybe its my Carma sneaking up on me from all the year I did no good stealing spray paint and racking art supplies! So part of me can't be that angry you know the saying!

My third piece I had stolen was at landlord jims. I had 20 piece showing some were on loan from collectors. I even had some of my early work that hasn't sold (luckily they finally sold at this show) I also had 10 piece from my new series called "House Of Ill Repute"..... HOIRr for short. get it? its based on a murder mystery of hookers I have 6 more to complete. The show was over and I collected my art. Its is a bar so you expect some shenanigans with your work. Sara did her best to protect the piece's that weren't protected by glass and actually had some one come in a put up a Plexiglas glass over one of my larger drawings. (Sara is a really cool person thank you landlord Jim's fam!) well one of the frames did get ruined during the show. someone bumped into it during the night, the place does get packed. I also notice a huge snot run on one of my piece I realise their is a few haters of ol' saratoga sake that do frequent the bar. fair enough I'm sure I pissed a few people off in the graff world these past 25 years or it could be some drunken idiot! regardless of what i did art is art and should be respected.

Missing piece:Last seen at Landlord Jims.

City Beat had an art show at Cream as the story goes some one bought two of my piece she came in to get some coffee and notice that the frame was not looking right so she had one of the workers take it down and put it in the back so I Can look at it and fix it. It turned out while being in the back room or behind the counter some one took the piece. All I have is this crappy flick never got to scan the piece in!

Missing pieceLast seen at Cream.

Other stolen moments:

In the late 90's I was working with kurtis blow and crew. they were throwing parties at a place called rockers/world beat center on Hancock street in San Diego and they had me paint a mural inside the building. They also had artist hang up some work.This one graffiti cat named "che" who I knew personal was actually walking out of the club with one of my pieces I said "what the fuck man!" he said "oh man I didn't know it was yours" Lucky for him I lost my fighting ways and said "man! what the hell are you thinking its not right stealing art!" the nerve of that guy. funny thing I think now he is some big time artist in nyc going by an alias.

Kings and Queens:

A few years back up in Oceanside I was in art show. I didn't go the show but I got a call around 1am in the morning from the curator saying "your piece was jacked" the piece they stole was my wife's my first oil painting I ever did.
So I was upset. How does someone just walked out of the venue with a painting!
Chor Boogie who was leaving in a car and he see some crack head on the corner with my piece trying to sell it! hahaha they got the piece back from ol cracky!

Museum Of Contemporary Art San Diego:

I was supposed to paint one of the banners that was hanging outside the front of the new extension of the MCASD that was being built. I wasn't able to make it to writers block to paint one of the banners. They hung up the finished banners before we started painting inside the museum. After I was finished with my piece inside the museum I had some scrap paint and I should paint one of the blank banners. The banner I painted was stolen a week later along with a "skeme" banner painted by evolve. I never did get flicks of the piece.

Also being apart of the MCASD show I was supposed to be getting a share of the cans that was left over we figured it was about 250 cans per artist. I wound up with about 15 scrap cans! Some one stole the paint!

what the hell is wrong with people!

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starberry said...

now you know why i didn't want to show there. that place is a fuckin dump. drunk people are the lowest of the low in my book.