Saturday, December 29, 2007

1985 Article

(my mom is the one who scribbled on the article)

This article is from the San Diego Tribune sometime in 1985. We were trying to be apart of the mural program that was planed to be painted near Euclid ave and other destinations around the city in 1986. We didn't fit the bill. I think because of our lack of experience and a non professional presentation. we were going up against older artists like Gau which consisted of Quasar, Wizard, System they also had help from a New York graffiti artist named "Phyz" (sota) who helped put together presentation for the metro transit system.

Back in 85 the graffiti movement in San Diego was more of a mystery then a eye sore for the community do to there were probably no more than 20 kids doing it and probably no more than 5 crews in the city. I had the balls (or stupidity) to give my real name admit that I did illegal-graffiti and even told the press what high school I went to...oh brother!

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