Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hanging out with bug eye bandit

Bug Eye Bandit and his lady moved back to the states from Spain.
We decided to go hang out and work on outlines at a local coffee shop, but they had some Gypsy's performing.So we then went to look for another spot found it but it was closing in 10 min. After figuring out "bucks" might be a good was close. How come coffee shops in San Diego close early? That makes no sense. After trying another coffee shop called "Cream" which closed early for the holidays. We finally found one open.This cafe is called " The Other Side" after almost searching for two hours we finally get to sit down and work on some art. The notorious B.Eye .B was working on some stylish drawings he is definitely on to something sorta like a Nick Whitish type of art work. Yeah I admit O'l Bug Eye impressed me.....well not really stick to dancing son!

The master at work!

Ferd and Niki doing some tagging.

Storm once mentioned that he has never seen Ferd with out a piece of pie!

The final piece!

I was blown away by it!

    Sol was either disgusted or confused!

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stormko said...

That's some pretty funny stuff.