Sunday, August 17, 2008


Man!, I a good ice cream cone. Especially home made ice cream. The Empire State, has Stewart's ice cream shops  and they are all over the place, they are as commmon as Dunkin Donuts and for what they have, they put out a decently good product. If your EVER in Saratoga Springs and ya need some soft serve?!!.....  "Dairy Haus" is the joint!  Especially, when it comes to the "lemon custard-black raspberry swirl." Oh damn!.... Not to sweet and not to tart perfect!  Man....this place rocks. Only down fall is that DH is seasonal. Another choice of mine for great homemade ice cream is... well, for some odd ball reason if your in this part of Montana ....... is Bergie's convenutally locate North of Jesus and West of nowhere in  Nashua, Montana.  I don't remember details but... I do remember Bergies has some tasty Ice cream and was voted my favrite until..... 

We went to Omaha, Nebraska......and visited Ted & Wally's Ice Cream Shop. This spot knocked my argyle socks clean off.  T&W has the best Home made Ice cream by far.  I even made a vow afterwards  "To only eat homemade ice cream only"......well, with the exception of stewarts when in New York.

Holy crap!!!! I'm getting the chills just looking at this picture..
( lemon and peanut butter chocolate )

Chyna got a cup? What a wus!!!

 Ice cream makers...this is what pumps out the goods.

The spot.


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hahahahaha. nice blown off socks on the floor.

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