Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Texas Ted

Back in the days when I first saw "Convoy" I knew I wanted to be an Outlaw Trucker. Luckly for you and my own insanity, I chose the artist's path and sorta became an outlaw at the same time doing graffiti. I admit there are times when Im driving down the interstate while I'm drinking my coffee and on my mobile phone, a glorfied cb if you ask me. Would I be scouting for some "Lot Lizzards"...is "Smokey" tailing me....do I need some "No Doze"???........ Damn it!!!  I wish I went to Doodson school for trucking and became and outlaw trucker like ol Martin Penwald and givin it to the man!


Keep on truck'n!

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Skeme Richards said...

Yo, Convoy was the illest! I remember having the same fascination with truck driving too. Convoy, Smokey & The Bandit (the first one) and a TV show named BJ and The Bear.